Qi Songs For Crystal Kids

by Marya Stark

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David Silverman
David Silverman thumbnail
David Silverman My friend recommended your music for my daugher, who upon hearing the second track immediate said: "I'm a crystal kid." very matter-of-factly. This wasn't necessarily much of a surprise as she rather phenomenal already, but it still brought a big grin to my face.
Dori thumbnail
Dori My daughter had this entire CD memorized in about three listens. This is brilliant, absolutely, like everything else Marya Stark does. Favorite track: 7 Chakras.
Katerina Schaeffer
Katerina Schaeffer thumbnail
Katerina Schaeffer Long time I was looking of music for my little one... this one is so good...my little girl loves it Favorite track: Yin And Yang.
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These songs are inspired by a study of Qigong, a Chinese art form in health, subtle energy, inner alchemy, and spirit.

Special thanks to all my teachers, allies, and crystal kid guides who supported the creation of this vision.

May these songs inspire play in all the Crystal Kids and their communities. May we all deepen our connection to the magical realms.


released June 4, 2016

All Songs Composed, Performed and Produced by Marya Stark
Mixed and Mastered- Sandy Holmes
*Crystal Kid Co-produced by KR3TURE,
co-written by Ra.Be and MAMA CROW
Three Cauldrons co-written by Fa Jun
Travis Puntarelli- Vocals, Keys - Yin and Yang, Bubbles, Old Man, Feelings, Star Song, Aura
MAMA CROW- Vocals- Crystal Kid
Jared May- Bass- Yin and Yang, Old Man, Feelings
Fa Jun- Vocals, Flute- Aura, Feelings, Bubbles
Heatherlee - Vocals- Pulling Down the Heavens, Bubbles, Golden Ball
Cheraki- Vocals- Feelings, Old Man
Fallyn Prow- Vocals- Feelings, Healing Hands
KR3TURE- Saxaphone, Keys -Crystal kid
Ra.Be- MC- Crystal Kid
Lyra- Cuteness- Crystal Kid

Album Art- Lindy Kehoe
Album Design- Tessa Shields



all rights reserved


Marya Stark Santa Cruz, California

Marya is a carrier of myth, magic, and medicine songs. She takes her audience on an imaginative, triumphants and frefreshing journey through the caverns of the soul. Her songs combines folklore, looping, orchestral arrangements and a classically trained voice, crafting stories for the current times. ... more

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Track Name: Pulling Down The Heavens
Pulling Down The Heavens

Pulling down the heavens (x3)

washing with the light

Pulling down the heavens (x3)

washing with light

Pulling down the light 
from the stars up in the sky

Gathering their sparkles
 as I reach up high

washing with the light 
of the sun, moon and stars

Pulling down the heavens
while I’m singing ‘aaaahhhh’
Track Name: Crystal Kid
I’m Crystal Kid
with my magic in tact
opneing doors to the rainbow tracks
got my roots in the ground
and my minds eye open
to the light im shining
and these words im flowing

Light refracts through my crystal crown many colors
There’s one light source many sisters and brothers
I got strength in my spirit I’m connected to all things
I fly through this world even though I got small wings
I see with my eyes open, I see with my eyes closed
Energy flows where my attention goes
and my heart is a garden where anything grows

I talk to the planets I talk to the birds
I talk to the plants but I don’t need to use words
I communicate with all of my senses
There’s music in the silence the potential is endless
Anywhere I go I’m a positive vibration
And send love out to all of creation
Forget the map we don’t need it on this mission
My GPS is on the inside it’s called intuition

you are a crystal child let your heart wild and free
you are filled with so much beauty
all different colors and sizes
all made up of star dust and rainbow suprises
you can do anything that you put your mind to
guided by your heart, anything you can do
guided by indigo aunties and uncles we got you
born with love wisdom and virtue
Track Name: Golden Ball
I’m standing in a river of golden qi

It comes up to my hips you see

I gather up a ball of golden light

And move it any way I like to

Cause ive got a golden ball (4x)
the ball goes up, the ball goes down

the ball grows big, the ball gets small

the ball comes in, the ball goes out

the ball comes around
Track Name: Healing Hands
Healing Hands

healing hands

they glow and glow and glow

I can use my healing hands

with loved ones who I know

Bump your head

scrape your knee

or if you stub your toe

hold it with your healing hands

they glow and glow and glow
Track Name: Feelings
feelings feelings

so many feelings

ive got these feelings every day

feelings feelings

so many feelings

ive got these feelings and that’s ok

Sometimes I'm scared

sometimes I'm sad

sometimes im happy

sometimes im mad

sometimes I laugh

sometimes I cry

sometimes I get nervous

sometimes I'm excited

Its ok yeah, its ok yeah

its ok to feel this way
Track Name: Old Man In The Tidepool
There was an old man who lived in a village

He had a big family, who loved to eat fishes

he went to the tide pools to cast out his line

and catch a fish for dinner time

He waited and waited and waited some more

he looked down and saw a gigantic white pearl

“with this one pearl” he thought “I could be rich!

I’ll never have to wait for a fish!”

So he splashed in the tide pool
 “shhhh, shhh, shhh”
to look for the pearl
he looked up too soon, saw the glorious moon
but the pearl, 
the pearl was gone
Track Name: Energy
There’s an energy that flows 
through every living thing

through every living thing

through every living thing

There’s an energy that flows 
through every living thing

It flows through me and you

It flows through the stars and the planets up above

It flows through the snakes, & the turtles & the doves

It flows through the mountains, the rocks, & the trees

It flows through the rivers & the lakes to the seas

It flows through the clouds, the thunder & the rain

It shines through the sun, & blows in the wind

It flows through everything & everyone I know

energy is everywhere, above & below
Track Name: Yin And Yang

Two little half’s are singing along

one named Yin and one named Yang

Yin is black and Yang is white

Yang is the day and Yin is the night

Yin is cold and oh so wet

Yang is dry and very very hot

they are opposites Yin and Yang

but together they make up this song

Yin is in and Yang is out

Yin likes the quiet and Yang likes to shout

Yin is the moon and Yang is the Sun

Yin likes to sleep while Yang’s having fun

Yang goes fast and Yin goes slow

Yang climbs high while Yin lays low

They are opposites Yin and Yang

but together they make up this song
Track Name: Bubbles
What is it bout bubbles
How do they float
To and fro
What is it bout bubbles
Where do they go
Do they come home

Living life feelin fine
Blowin bubbles all the time
Rainbow lights fill my sight
It's a bubble delight
Soapy dreams summer breeze
Sparkles filling the air
Sun shining down
And I don't have a care

I'm blowing bubbles
What is it bout bubbles
How do they float
To and fro
What is it bout bubbles
Where do they go
Do they come home

In the bath in the sink
In the foam on the sea
Seems to me bubbles be
Everywhere blowin free
Come in 2’s, 3s and 4s
Countless floating from my wand
time stops, when they pop
and then they make the sound of bubbles
Track Name: 7 Chakras
seven chakras, seven chakras 

filled with light, filled with light

rainbow body, rainbow body

shining bright, shining bright

root chakra, root chakra

color red, color red

strong like earth, strong like the earth

roots in the ground, roots in the ground

sacral chakra, sacral chakra

color orange, color orange

flows with the waters, flows with the waters

emotion, emotion

solar chakra, solar chakra

color yellow, color yellow

glows like the sun, glows like the sun

Yes I will, Yes I will

heart chakra, heart chakra

color green, color green

compassion, compassion

I’m loving, I’m loving

throat chakra, throat chakra

color blue, color blue

communication, communication

speak my truth, speak my truth

minds eye chakra, minds eye chakra

color indigo, color indigo

imagination imagination

dreams come true, dreams come true

crown chakra, crown chakra

color purple, color purple

radiant light, radiant light

starseed trail, starseed trail
Track Name: 3 Little Cauldrons
I have three little cauldrons

three little cauldrons

three little cauldrons

I have three little cauldrons

one, two, three.

The first little cauldron is down at my belly

It helps me to stay healthy and strong

It’s here I hold a golden elixir

that keeps rooted all day long

The second cauldron at my heart

helps me to be loved and to love

I cultivate a sacred art

of knowing how my feelings move

The third cauldron at my crown

gives me a special kind of sight

It helps me to know the unknown

and paint the dreams I dream with light
Track Name: Aura
There’s an aura do you see

there’s an aura do you see

like a colorful mist around the skin

there’s an aura do you see

There are colors around me

there are colors around me

some are brighter, 
and then some are light

there are colors around me

Like a ring around the moon

like the ring around the moon

there’s an aura around everyone

like a ring around the moon
Track Name: Star Song
May I wake up in my dreams

and dance with all the moon light beams

may I sing the songs of stars

and weave them here to where we are

star song, star song

always shining bright

may I wake up in my dream

and sing with you tonight