Fork in the Road

by Marya Stark

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She went driving in the dark driving till she met the dawn soon she came upon a fork and could not decide which way to turn she thought of staying to the left the road more commonly abused she saw the others reach their destinations of a life confused she knew that she had been there before she knew she wanted something more so she chose the road to the right in hopes it would lead her to the right she went down this road for miles before she saw a single soul as she approached a man in white she felt her heart start to enfold this man was kneeling down in prayer his arms raised high up to the skies she stopped and asked herself to dare stare into this strangers eyes she knew that she had been there before she knew by the instant repore she went driving down the way driving till she met the day at last she came upon a fork and could not decide which way to turn the road less travelled brought her luck dared her to see the lessons learned she stared into this cross for hours fearing this time she might get lost but looked around her at the flowers and thought 'hey, that might now be too bad' she stared the fork straight in the face she felt her heart begin to race she saw her eyes light up from the sun and she heard her heart say 'take the fork and run with it!'
I met a man today that I could swear i met once in a dream the things this man did say flowed through my veins and made it somehow seem that there is so much more to love and light than this life could show and knowing this, i know embrace the grace in letting go I called out to the earth and sky to ground me and to keep my head up high I called out to the winds to stir the starting of the gentle fire I called out to the sea to sing a soothing song for me as crashing waves broke the chains of pain in my memory I sat me there beside the fire and stared into the oceans eyes she whispered me her secret desire of knowing what it was to fly in a flash she was in a crash her mist dissolved in a frenzied splash as the clouds came rolling in the fire crackled loud the pictures slowly melted all away the chemicals burned brighter than the brightest nights like fools we spent as days and like the wave, those days will live in the moment i chose to spread my wings and glide on the breath of the song of the oceans breeze
The Wall 05:16
I am climbing on the wall Hoping, praying I won’t fall Facing west into my past Wondering where it went so fast Its been a long road to here I saw the picture crystal clear But as I ran fast towards it all I was halted by the wall I am sitting on the fence Of chain linked lesions in suspense Future untold to the east Of pictures yet to be release I see the long road to ahead And though I meant every word I said While I hold onto my laments Ill chase my dreams from behind the fence Sundown Darkness caresses the skies And oh the sound Of stars resound in my eye As I’m raised above the ground My only question here is why? Have I the will to break walls down Or will this life just pass me by? I am writing on the wall Knowing well why I still stall And as I wait for suns to rise I silently say my goodbyes I see the long road behind I see the long road to come And if I am to rise with the tides I must come down I must go on I must look up Embrace the dawn Enjoy this life And always remember to hum Hmmmmmm
Savor the moon As it slow dances upon your cheek Sweet flavor illuminated By still lips that don’t Dare speak to soon Words could never paint your face The way these lunebeams do A sight that my mind can’t erase A light pours down like rain Sounding on your skin like a Spellbound symphony Music too pure to write down by hand But oh, how it rings Like a bell heard from across the land And oh how it seems Though this night may not come to an end If I were the wind I would blow all my kisses your way And you would contend With a silence that you will not break but I will pretend that your listlessness will not forsake and I’ll savor the moon and prepare myself for the dawns uptake
Word Bath 03:04
Word bath My skin is layered with regrets and confusion Dry and caked with self-loathing illusion Profusely deluded, I step into the awakening waters of a word bath Submerging myself in the soothing warmth of cleverly crafted concoctions of redeeming proportions Self-contained in notions Capturing with lettered lassos my undiscovered emotions. Through hoops of spiraling and spirited motives Resourcefully intended to emotively motivate me To contemplate and concentrate I elevate to new levels of creativity Out of needled pens, threads of ink link scattered thoughts Just on the brink of being realized Sowing together the loose ends of my forgotten serenity Did I mean sanity? Maybe it was the clarity of the sound waves Drawing out vibratory constellations Aligning within my mind the stars that I have been Consciously, and unconsciously Projecting outwards into the skies Painting hopelessly into wandering lover’s eyes Only now beginning to hear the reverberations Of their misleading lies In the development of the minds eye’s internal structure A foundation for the forming of the highest rises still to come These electromagnetic bowties decorate the lights formally channeled pathways Into the fanciest elaborations of her spirit Nameless to those who seek to contain her with words She spins the web of silken song Through which unseen magic travels along Clearly defined lines, limericks and rhymes Predesigned microchips of ancient wisdoms signs These symbolic seeds of sacred sound Planted into the womb of my imagination Patiently wait as I become the ground From which they will soon sprout their profound flowers of Illumination And as the jewel of the lotus unfurls infinitely inward I am nourished by the cleansing waters of courageous poets obsessions Who continue to track the evolution of earths symphonic progression The legacy of moonlit nights’ illuminating breathtaking beauty Is refining itself slowly Clearing way of laden songs Sung to mend the wounds of my empty heart Still echoing the cries of her unrequited love Ahh…… such calming waters
Voices 02:59
I’ve been walking this line So divided by time I have sworn up and down That the middle is just fine But once I break even I wreck something new I’m never that centered But neither are you You are fickle and false And ferociously free You come like a current Who’s riding on me But when I try to surf you The swell always wins And I’m always paddling out with the wind So ill walk along seconds One step at a time Staring straight forward To read all the signs Ready to set And get going along As I center myself In the sound of the song
We each have a song to sing we each have a rhyme to ring in the everlasting sounds of creation we each have a note to play we each have our line to lay down in the symphony of conscious expansion we are the music of the spheres we are the life of all these years we can relinquish fears and forge on through the dark let your music be your light let loves rhythm be your sight as it ignites in you the fires from which you spark the fires of love are burning strong! There was a story of a flame who didn't know LOVE was her name she wondered why she was damned to live alone the sound of darkness filled the room unlike the comfort of the womb and whispered sounds of doom that she had never known she danced along as death unfurled and flared her light unto the void destroying everything created in her name once LOVE observed what death had done she tried to turn around and run but knew that running now would only be in vain so instead LOVE sang "the fires of love the fires of love are burning strong!" Come into the light ignited from within and bring into waking sight the beauty that you dream come into the light become the flame you see the music that you write the consciousness you breathe come into the light and burn through all of your fears create your infinite design complete your circles with love come into the light and dance amongst the fire be warm amist this night for love will soon transpire let this music so inspire the fires of love are burning strong!
Peace of mind Give me peace of mind It shouldn’t be too hard to find The missing piece of my mind I have searched high and low And I’ve never found the middle I’ve questioned everything For answers to the riddle And then the moment I stopped Staring at the question I found you And then I knew That it was Music! Music ringing in my ear Music I was longing to hear Music! Music everywhere! I hear the song of the sky I feel the rhyme of the rain And as the symphony of life sings by I can’t see why not do the same Ill write the wails on the wind And read the notes amongst the stars I feel vibrations from within And know salvation isn’t far So far I’ve always known That somehow I am so alone A fear that words have not defined But Music! Music is my peace of mind!


“The Fork in the Road” is a ground breaking new model of interactive performance. This song cycle is a multi-disciplinary presentation of emotional healing and spiritual development. It incorporates elements of music, story telling, guided meditation, sound and energetic medicine, visionary artwork, group prayer and ritual into a unique and unforgettable experience. ”The Fork in the Road” is a story of the souls journey through many stages of transformation, using the chakras as passageways into a deeper level of integration of body, mind and spirit.

“The Fork in the Road” is a Rite of Passage, a threshold for individuals who, through this journey, sever ties from the past, heal the present, and transform their future. This journey guides the listener to step more fully into their expression of love, vibrancy, balance, and service.


released September 12, 2011

Written and Performed by: Marya Stark
Drums: Fa Jun Shakya
Recorded by Byron Binns
Album Art by Tessa Shields


all rights reserved



Marya Stark Santa Cruz, California

Marya is a carrier of myth, magic, and medicine songs. She takes her audience on an imaginative journey through the caverns of the soul. Her songs combine magical realism with orchestral arrangements and a classically trained voice, crafting healing stories for the modern times. ... more

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